Tungsten Electrode Grinder, Automatic & Longitudinal grinding

In PAW and TIG(GTAW) welding, tungsten electrode is the key factor that influences the shape and final quality of welding arc. TM-2 tungsten electrode grinder is a high precision and fully automatic longitudinal grinding machine, for variety of tungsten electrode within 6.4mm. It can be grinded and cut off according to the set angle and length. It can meet the requirements of plasma arc welding perfectly.

Advantage of TM-2 Electrode Grinder

  • Longitudinal grinding for maximum arc stability
  • Full automatic grinding and electrode autorotation.
  • High concentricity, high speed, and repeatable grinding effect.
  • Easy to cut off the specified length.
  • Fit for variety of angles and diameters.
  • The body is a casting part, durable and stable. Compared with the hand-held tungsten grinder, the grinding accuracy can be guaranteed after long use.


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