Category: Plasma Welding Machine

LHM- Plasma Welding Machine

LHM-100/200/315/500 Plasma Welding Machine adopts IGBT soft-switch?inverter technology. It is a multi-function PAW machine. With different welding?torch and devices, it can be used in micro plasma welding, keyhole plasma?welding, plasma powder welding, plasma arc heating and plasma arc quenching.

Longitudinal Seam & Girth Welding

Standard Longitudinal Seam Welder Standard Longitudinal Seam Welder using keys pressed mechanism, provides uniform and stable workpiece clamping and cooling effect. It can be use for metal sheet, cylinder, cone cylinder, truncated cone, box structure, etc. Side Beam Welder Side Beam Welder is a double use machine. It can be used for longitudinal welding of