LHM- Plasma Welding Machine

LHM-100/200/315/500 Plasma Welding Machine adopts IGBT soft-switch inverter technology. It is a multi-function PAW machine. With different welding torch and devices, it can be used in micro plasma welding, keyhole plasma welding, plasma powder welding, plasma arc heating and plasma arc quenching.

Plasma Welding Torch

With the protracted experience of PAW and highly precise manufacturing capability, we develop a full series of PAW torches, getting widely praised. Cover the current range 0.5 to 500A. All torches can be equipped with connectors to any kind of plasma welding machine.

Tungsten Electrode Grinder, Automatic & Longitudinal grinding

In PAW and TIG(GTAW) welding, tungsten electrode is the key factor that influences the shape and final quality of welding arc. TM-2 tungsten electrode grinder is a high precision and fully automatic longitudinal grinding machine, for variety of tungsten electrode within 6.4mm. It can be grinded and cut off according to the set angle and

Longitudinal Seam & Girth Welding

Standard Longitudinal Seam Welder Standard Longitudinal Seam Welder using keys pressed mechanism, provides uniform and stable workpiece clamping and cooling effect. It can be use for metal sheet, cylinder, cone cylinder, truncated cone, box structure, etc. Side Beam Welder Side Beam Welder is a double use machine. It can be used for longitudinal welding of