PAW-50/80 Micro Plasma Welding Machine

Micro Plasma Welding Machine

PAW-50/80 Micro Plasma Welding Machine is a high frequency inverter DC plasma welding machine.
It is traditionally used for welding thin sheets (down to 0.12 mm thickness), and wire and mesh sections. The needle-like stiff arc minimizes arc wander and distortion

ModelPAW-50 [PAW-80]
Rate Input voltage220V
Rate Input Power3.2KW [4.0KW]
Welding current1~50A [1~80A]
Rate duty cycle100%
Open circuit voltage64V
Up-slope time0.2~5S
Down-slope time0.2~5S
After-flow time2~15S
Spot time0.2~6
Pulse frequency (low)0.2~27Hz
Pulse frequency (high)7.5~200Hz
Flux of plasma gas0.1-1L/min
Flux of shield gas1-10L/min
I/O input Analogue
DimensionL50 W39 H66

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