Hand-held Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Features of Hand-held Tungsten Electrode Grinder Grinding electrodes: for different angles & diameters Cutting and facing electrodes Highest angle accuracy Transportable & Ergonomic design Low cost & good price Environmental Protection: Powder collection (Option)

Orbital Tube welding

Orbital Tube-tube Welding Machine is composed of control system (SIEMENS PLC module, 10 inch touch screen man-machine interface), welding power source (German EWM welding power source inside) and water cooler. It is digital, easy to operate and reliable. The control system is open and upscale to centrally set up, store and precise control of


WF-1A Automatic Split-TYPE Wire Feeder is a universal welding equipment for TIG/PAW welding, it can be used with automatic TIG/PAW welding machine or welding lathes. It’s composed of DC printed motor, feeding device, speed regulation plate, control transformer, output relay, control knob, input/output interface, reel support etc. and is easy to install and move. Model

Longitudinal Seam & Girth Welding

Standard Longitudinal Seam Welder Standard Longitudinal Seam Welder using keys pressed mechanism, provides uniform and stable workpiece clamping and cooling effect. It can be use for metal sheet, cylinder, cone cylinder, truncated cone, box structure, etc. Side Beam Welder Side Beam Welder is a double use machine. It can be used for longitudinal welding of